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Supporting Grassroots Organizations Funding——JingCaoTongXing

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JingCaoTongXing (JingCao Peer Project), starting from December 2012, is a long-term support project, which specifically targets at the environmental organizations in the growth phase. The project was jointly initiated by SEE Foundation and Global Greengrants Fund (GGF). Also, the project has been sponsored by DunHe Foundation, Narada Foundation, MCF Foundation (ShenZhen Red Forest Wetland Conservation Foundation), and jointly implemented by HeYi Institute.

In this project, we provide JingCao peers, which are environmental organizations, with total amount of 300,000 yuan each unrestricted funds in three years. Besides, to support their organization growths, each JingCao peer has a mentor group, made of entrepreneurs and professional coaches in public welfare. The mentor group provides companionship and counseling, particularly in the areas of motivation, leadership, organization strategies and managements.

Until April 2018, there have been 51 JingCao peers across 24 provinces in China and more than 100 JingCao mentors.

Through companionship and counseling, we facilitate these organizations to cope with their development bottlenecks and make breakthroughs in the “three core areas” (core business, core team, core resources). We expect them to become the leaders of their areas and regions, and to effectively responde to environmental issues.

JingCaoTongXing: Break the Development Bottlenecks in the Growth Phase




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