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Supporting Grassroots Organizations Funding——ChengXi Plan

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ChengXi Plan

ChengXi Plan was initiated by Alibaba Foundation and HeYi Institute. We particularly invest in the organizations in the start-up phase, to improve their core capabilities. The sponsors expect to increase both the quantity and quality of the water conservation organizations, by providing them funds, capability trainings, information, and by attracting young people into the area.

Since 2015 till 2018, we have incubated 27 local water conservation organizations in 17 provinces across China, such as QingHai, NingXia, and LiaoNing.

  • Our Route for Incubation: Learn Water Conservation – Participation in Water Conservation with Professional Approaches – Professional Capabilities.
  • Our Goal: Incubate more water conservation organizations with professional capabilities, strong executive teams and sustainable resources.
  • Project Vision: Every River Has A Guardian.




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