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Infrastructures: Toolkits

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Toolkit for Water Conservation: HeYi Institute worked with ShangHai QingYue Environmental Center and experts in water conservation, and jointly developed “the toolkit for water conservation”, which is suitable for beginners to conduct water quality tests professionally and economically. Inside the toolkit bag, there are water quality testing tools, such as an electronic thermometer and a kit (reusable over 40 times), also gloves, masks, lifelines, an emergency flashlight, and the Instruction for Water Conservation Actors, covering the areas of on-site sampling and testing, risk managements, information disclosure, media communication, and legal assistance, etc.

From 2016 to 2017, HeYi Institute provided 30 environmental organizations across China around 1000 water conservation toolkits within the two years, supporting them to do river water quality monitoring more professionally and conveniently.




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