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Supporting Grassroots Organizations Funding——ChangAnCi

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ChangAnCi Environmental Protection Trust (YangZiQingLiu)

ChangAnCi Environmental Protection Trust (YangZiQingLiu) is an innovative way in managing the compensations in environmental litigation cases. Previously, there existed issues of transparency and efficiency, regarding the uses of the compensations. For the first time, as one of the results of a court mediation, the defendant set up a charitable trust to support the work of environmental organizations, which is seen as a new way to effectively utilize environmental compensations.

The corporate defendant entrusted Chang’an International Trust to establish a charitable trust worth 1 million RMB for a period of 2 years, aiming to protect ecological environment, preferentially used for environmental issues in JiangSu, especially Taizhou. In the long term, the trust will cover the water conservations of  Yangtze River.

Friends of Nature, the plaintiff, acts as a consultant for this project, while HeYi Institute is in charge of selecting and funding local partners to jointly promote water conservations in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River.

Until August 2018, we have supported 15 water conservation projects in 8 environmental organizations, covering the areas of pollution investigation, environmental education, corporate environmental credit evaluation, big data techniques, and legal consultation.

With ChangAnCi project, we aim to effectively monitor corporates and advocate corporate environmental credit evaluation systems, and increase public environmental awareness. In addition, we will also support local grassroots organizations and form local environmental protection networks.

The first charitable trust for environment protection in China. Explore a new mode of using the environmental compensations. Support local water conservations.




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